I Arns fotspår

This year, the ashes form the vulcano on Iceland made travels to Spain impossible. As a substitute, Göran, Bosse and Hans made a short pilgrim walk in the footsteps of Arn the Temple Knight, in Västergötland. We started in Falköping, went over Mösseberg to Gudhem, with its old cloister ruins. From there we went past Hornborgasjön and Billingen to Varnhem and its church and cloister ruins, where Birger Jarl, the founder of Stockholm is buried. We then travelled by car to Forshem, the church built by Arn (according to the novels) and walked along Kinnekulle to Husaby, where Olof Skötkonung was the first Swedish king to be baptized, by Saint Sigfrid.

As a technological experiment, I have tried to blog from our walk (see link in left column), and also track the walk on GPS, using the software Trails for iPhone and EveryTrail on the web.

You can click on the link above each small map below for larger map and photos. At then end of this page, you can also download the tracks for viewing in Google Earth, which is much more fun.

Day 1: Falköping-Gudhem

Day 2: Gudhem-Broddetorp

Day 3: Broddetorp-Varnhem

Day 4: Forshem-Husaby

Show all daily tracks: Daily tracks

You can also download all the same daily tracks for viewing in Google Earth: I Arns fotspår. After loading the file to Google Earth, you need to check the box in Places, then click on the green arrow(s), and then click "play trip" to see the track.

Here is another summary of the walk, made with another piece of software (Trip Journal), with pictures, also on Google Earth: Falköping-Varnhem and Forshem-Husaby